Roughrigg horse stile
One of the horse stiles at Roughrigg.
Early work on Limerigg paths

FARAG's Record
Proceeding by agreement is not a rapid process. People sometimes join FARAG with enthusiasm and then leave after a year, complaining "FARAG's done nothing." This is far from the truth, but sadly when members leave it does weaken our bargaining position..


Completed path at Limerigg

It takes patience

We all wish we could have a completed path network tomorrow, but unfortunately wishing or complaining doesn't get the job done.


FARAG  is in for the long haulCreating new off road riding opportunities involves hard work and determination; patient investigation into what is required, who owns the land, what geological or other problems will be encountered, and who is likely to be able to help us. This is followed by negotiations with interested parties, applications for grants, drawing up of plans and issuing of contracts. Sometimes the opening of a path is the result of years of effort by FARAG and others. Progress is always slower than we would like; we need your continued support!

Some Success Stories 

Core Paths Network

FARAG was closely involved in the consultations held by Falkirk Council about the Core Path network, both directly and through The Falkirk Outdoor Access Forum. Falkirk was one of the more progressive councils as far as the timetable and proposed routes were concerned, but even here patience and persistence were required.

The Core path network  will be reviewed in the next couple of years. It is not yet clear what form the review will take, but we hope to have the opportunity to make suggestions for extensions and improvements to the network.


Muiravonside path opening

The first FARAG project was the development of new bridleways at Muiravonside Country Park, (above) which were formally opened in 2002.  The clearance, surfacing and drainage was carried out by Falkirk Council in consultation with FARAG. 

This project suffered  wear and tear due to the volume of usage and now the tracks need attention.  We are engaged in discussions with The Falkirk Community Trust.

The Candie right of way was opened up for horses when the woodland was fenced off . This work was completed early in 2008 and our thanks go to Falkirk Council and Scottish Natural Heritage for their financial contribution to this work. 

The Candie railway line which had become very overgrown was cleared and is also available for use again.  Further work is required and the Council are aware of this fact.

Greenrigg strip access trail

The car park is open for use by trailers and horse boxes.  The best area for parking a trailer is the first parking spot on the left hand side.     You can then drive round a loop so there is no difficult reversing.      The multi use trail runs along the back of the car park.

Watch out for cyclists as there are special areas for them. Also, a reminder  of the BHS dung guidance.    Do not clean out your horsebox or trailer in the car park.    Kick any dung from the path into the side. 

Limerigg Forestexcellent trails


The Limerigg Community Association received a grant in 2004 for work on paths in the land owned by the Forestry Commission who carried out the work. Most of this work was finished by the end of March 2005. All these paths are available for use by horse riders.

Limerigg Forest trail

The track, which comes off the B825 (Limerigg to Caldercruix) right through to the Longriggend / Binniehill road, now has a big gate and riders from Slamannan and Longriggend are able to get to the new tracks which are on both sides of the B8022 Limerigg / Slamannan road.

Self Closing Gates

Castlercary horse gate

For the past 25 years this track at Castlecary was closed with a padlock and stile. The kissing gate has been replaced by self closing gate so horses now have access without keys for padlocks.

The Maddiston Blackbraes path now also has a self closing gate at the California end. 

The Candie right of way has self closing gates at either end.

Chacefield Woods woodland rides



We were awarded funds from Falkirk Environment Trust for the upgrading of the woodland tracks.

This was a significant improvement in off road access for riders in this part of Denny. 







Horse Stiles

woodland rides

Roughrigg horse stile

The big gates at Roughrigg were padlocked in May 2007 but, after discussions with the landowner, the kissing gates were replaced by horse stiles as specified in the BHS/SNH handbook. These are two parallel sleepers which are intended to deter motor bikes/quad bikes. This is because access rights to paths do not extend to motorised vehicles.

Reports are that horses do not have any problem with them. Unfortunately we had to use our own funds to pay for the two stiles but that is what funds are for and the routes are open again.

We agreed with the landowner that if we noticed any antisocial behaviour or damage to his property we would report back to him so, if any riders notice anything that should be reported, please contact Sheila on 01324 851262 and the information will be passed on.

Safety and Responsibility


From a safety point of view it is urgent to ensure that adequate off road riding is available for the increasing number of people, including many children, involved in equestrian activities in the Falkirk area.

East Stirlingshire is a beautiful part of the world. We are privileged to enjoy some fine countryside and parks. It is also an area of relatively dense population and industrial activity. This means that traffic has grown very significantly in recent years.

Many road users are not well informed about horses and do not know how to react when encountering horses on the roads. This lack of knowledge threatens lives.

Some, sadly, are prejudiced against horse riders, believing that we do not belong on the roads and unaware that the incomplete local path network can frequently only be accessed by road.

Some landowners know no more about horses than some drivers, and some have experienced discourtesy or thoughtless behaviour by irresponsible riders.

Riders have the same rights to consideration as non-riders, but the same duty to give consideration to others.

Falkirk Area Riders Access Group aims to improve knowledge on all sides.




  Ellie McMillan

Secretary / Treasurer

Sheila Hall, Balcastle House, Slamannan, Tel: 01324 851262  

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